How to Rollover Part of Your IRA to Gold and Silver

Investing in gold and silver are sound secure investments. Gold is 45 more times its value than in 1970 and silver is also considered to be a safe affordable investment. Below are the steps you can take to rollover all or part of your IRA to what is called IRA gold and silver. Employing the services of a firm such as Regal Assets is probably the safest and easiest way to complete your IRA rollover. There are certain criteria you must meet before you can rollover your IRA funds. Setting up a self-directed IRA account is required.

Who Can Rollover IRA Funds Without Paying Fees and Penalties?

You must no longer work for the employer who set up your IRA account. If you’re working for another company, you must be at least 59 1/2 years old or older to avoid paying taxes and early withdrawal fees and your employer must discontinue the IRA retirement account. You can do this only once yearly and there is no limit to the amount of money you can rollover, although, professionals suggest rolling over enough to make it worth your while financially. They recommend $5,000.00. or more, although you can rollover as little as $200.00.

How do You Rollover Your IRA into Silver and Gold?

Professional investors says that investing in silver and gold ensures a safe secure retirement investment. The money you rollover from your IRA, if you meet the criteria above, is a tax-free investment because it is a liquid asset. If your IRA custodian releases your IRA funds quickly, the rollover process can be complete in as little as 15 days. You will be charged close-out and maintenance fees, plus you will be charged a fee by the company who handles your rollover account. This company will assist you in filling out the appropriate forms for your IRA rollover.

A Self-Directed IRA Account

You will be asked to fill out a self-directed IRA registration form. This form is sent to your current IRA’s custodian and a letter of acceptance will be mailed to your financial institution. This is a transfer request form that states the type of rollover you’re interested in and how much of your IRA you would like to rollover. It includes your personal information and the information required for your beneficiary such as their name, date of birth and social security number. You must also read and sign a shipping agreement and an account agreement. The shipping agreement states the details involved in shipping your investment to an approved IRA depository. The account agreement states liability limitations, payment information and the purchase price of your new investment.

What Types of Investments Should you Make?

IRA regulations changed in 1997, permitting investors to purchase a variety of boullion coins. Before this date, investments in gold and silver were limited. Silver Maple Leafs and American Eagle Silver Dollars are both permitted, although silver coins dated before 1965 are not permitted. Gold coins that are eligible include the American Eagle Gold Dollars, Gold Maple Leafs, Philharmonikers, Kangeroo Nuggets and the Perth Mint’s Lunar Series. The gold coins must be 99.5% gold, the silver coins must be 1 troy oz. of 99.9% silver. These are IRA regulations.

Investors are choosing IRA rollovers to gold and silver IRA’s because they are tax-deferred and they are safe, ensuring the investor of a sound profitable financial future. Precious metal IRA’s are considered by professionals to be a wiser investment than a traditional IRA. The value of gold, as we all know, has grown tremendously over recent years and silver is also a sound investment. It is affordable and its future looks good.

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