Benefits of Investing in Gold through your IRA in 2013

If you have been wondering where to put your money in today’s troubled economic landscape, you are at the right place. Like many national banks and high net worth investors, we believe that gold and silver are the best types of investments you can make in 2013.

Why precious metals?

Simple answer: because nothing else has shown the same track record of stability  While investing in gold or silver won’t make you rich overnight, it certainly won’t make you poor. Unlike stocks and bonds, the gold price has never dropped to zero, and never will. Gold supplies on earth are limited, and until we develop the technology to be able to mine other planets, the demand will always be higher than the supply on the blue planet.


2013 IRA Rollover

If you have an IRA or 401k that doesn’t allow you to hold precious metals such as gold and silver, we highly recommend opening a self-directed IRA on the side. You are allowed by the government to open a second IRA. This self-directed IRA can be used to hold gold bullion coins and bars. You can also opt for Golf EFTs or investing in gold mining stocks. You will be better off discussing these options with an experienced and trustworthy gold broker or custodian.

Diversification is Key

in 2013, the keyword is diversifaction. Putting all your eggs in the same basket can cost you a lot. Even if a stock looks promising, in today’s volatile economy and political landscape, it can drop to zero overnight. Experts recommend dedicating 15 to 20% of your asset portfolio to Gold. The rest is to your discretion. Some billionnaires have invested up to 40% of their assets in precious metals. Discuss your best options with a trustworthy financial analyst.


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