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Which gold bullion coins are approved by the IRS for IRA investing?

The stock market is very risky. There have been two major stock market crashes since 2000. The crash of 2008 wiped out many people’s retirement portfolios. There are many financial experts who suggest to diversify into precious metals. The most

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What to Look for in a Gold IRA Company

When it comes to investing one’s money, there are many avenues in which to take. For many investors, one of the most popular options is investing through a Gold IRA. Investing through an IRA gives the American investor a plethora

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The Fed Deters Investors from Buying Gold: Is It Working?

If you’ve been watching the stock market lately, you’ve probably noticed a sharp drop on the price of gold and silver. The latest reports show that the Fed and Central Banks are manipulating the price of gold and silver. Clearly,

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Despite plummeting prices, gold is still a great investment

Many people have been worrying about their gold investments since the price dropped to below $1,400 per ounce yesterday. Many are questioning whether gold is still a safe investment. The short answer is: yes, gold is still one of the best types

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How Much Gold Does My Retirement Account Need?

Maintaining a well rounded portfolio is ideal for each type of investment you own, whether the investment’s purpose be for short term or long term goals. If you have an IRA, it is especially important to evaluate your allocation of

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How to Rollover Part of Your IRA to Gold and Silver

Investing in gold and silver are sound secure investments. Gold is 45 more times its value than in 1970 and silver is also considered to be a safe affordable investment. Below are the steps you can take to rollover all

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Benefits of Investing in Gold through your IRA in 2013

If you have been wondering where to put your money in today’s troubled economic landscape, you are at the right place. Like many national banks and high net worth investors, we believe that gold and silver are the best types

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How to Invest in Gold Through Your 401k

While uncertainty over the trading market is nothing new, given the difficult economic climate currently, there is even more uncertainty and volatility. This can leave plenty of holes in your plans to provide you and your family with a certain

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