Did you know that you can invest in gold through your IRA or former 401k accounts?

As the economic landscape is expected to remain volatile for many years to come, thousands of smart investors are now investing in gold, the only recession-proof investment.

Benefits of a Gold-Backed IRA account

Unlike real estate, paper currency and other types of investment, gold cannot be produced. There is a limited amount of gold on earth, and the demand keeps rising.

Many financial analysts predict that the price of gold will keep rising and pass $2,000 per ounce within 2013.

Countries like India and China, who have already been buying large quantities of gold for centuries, have increased their demand since the global economic landscape went haywire back in 2008. Many major banks have stopped stocking US dollar and replaced it with physical gold.

What are you waiting for? Now is the time to convert your IRA to gold investments. This could help you strengthen your retirement account and be recession-proof. Paper money, real estate, stocks & bonds are now very unpredictable and the future isn’t looking good for these types of investments. Gold, on the other hand, is predicted to keep rising in value over the next few decades.

Who should consider a Gold IRA rollover?

If you have an IRA or former 401k account, you can convert it to gold right now with Regal Assets, America’s most trusted gold investment firms. Watch this video to learn more about the ins and outs of a IRA gold account.

When is the best time to add gold to my IRA?

Yesterday! Don’t wait until gold prices go below a certain point. The trend in the last 50 years shows that, even though the price plummeted at certain occasions, the general¬†tendency¬†is upwards. Discuss with a reputable financial company how much of your portfolio you should dedicate to precious metals. APMEX analysts recommend 10-20%, others recommend up to 30%. This is something that you will need to discuss with a professional financial analyst.

Do you have a traditional, SEP, self-directed, Roth or any other type of IRA?

Each type of IRA has its own limitations when it comes to investments. The best type of IRA to invest in precious metals is a self-directed IRA, because it allows you full control of your investments and there are virtually no limitations with such an IRA plan. If you have any other type of IRA, the best thing to do in order to convert part of it to gold is to open a separate self-directed IRA which you will use strictly for gold, silver, platinum or palladium investing. A firm like Regal Assets can help you get your IRA gold account set up. They are based in Burbank, California and have helped thousands of American investors strengthen their retirement investment strategy with precious metals